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Travel And Shopping In Spain

Spain offers all the international brand names you could ever want. But why get imported goods when Spain features its own specialties? Here are several examples. Spain can be a excellent location to get leather items, especially shoes. Crafts are famous too. 


Spain offers all of the international brand names you could ever will need. But why purchase imported goods when Spain has its own specialties? Here are a few examples. Spain is a excellent location to get leather items, specifically shoes. Crafts are famous too. These incorporate ceramic items including tiles and vases with stunning designs, typically Moorish in origin. One more local craft that's thriving once more is lace making. 

If you're short on time and want to do all your shopping in 1 place, you'll locate a branch of the El Corte Ingles department outlet in nearly each and every town. They sell everything from jewellery to designer clothes, food to to furniture, and so forth. 

Shopping In Barcelona 

Barcelona has undergone sweeping modifications in recent times and also the shopping scene has been transformed in the procedure. All of the massive names are here together with a range of local boutiques, antique shops, art galleries, and futuristic malls. 

Maremagnum is among the new shopping and leisure complexes that's proved extremely popular. Apart from its comprehensive shopping mall, it is additionally provides locate twelve cinemas and many restaurants, pubs and discos. 

The new boutiques and outlet's are fantastic places to shop. But to savour the authentic shopping experience, be sure to get away from the haunts of the glitterati and visit the old city. Here you are in a position to take a look in Barcelona's oldest shop, Cereria Subira, which initial opened its doors in 1761. If candles are on your shopping list, you're in luck, for Cereria Subira can sometimes be a candle shop. Even if you are not buying, the vast range of candles of all sizes and colours is well worth seeing. Then plunge into the streets around the Barri Gòtic. Here it is achievable to look around shops selling everything from fish and herbs to bullfighter's capes. 

Shops in Barcelona open around 8 am and they typically close some hours after sunset. 

Shopping In Madrid 

As the nation's capital, Madrid unsurprisingly offers the best range of expensive shopping outlets in Spain. But these make up just a modest proportion of the city's shopping charms. Madrid's 50000 stores also sell everything from paintings and ceramics to guitars and bullfighters' costumes. 

If it's designer labels you are after head for the eastern district of Salamanca. Here you will locate the logos of Prada, Armani, and Louis Vuitton, and all of the others. Much more fascinating are the boutiques of trendy Spanish designers like Sybilla, Amaya Arzuaga, and Victorio & Lucchino. 

When you tire of the brand stores, the area around the Street Fuencarral is certainly a pleasant one to visit. It is home to a crowd of trendy boutiques selling both men´s and women´s clothes. There's also an enclosed market hawking clothing, bags and jewellery. For shoes, go to the Street Augusto Figueroa. It's lined with mostrarios selling designer's shoe samples at half price or less. 

Shopping in Spain would be incomplete without visiting one of the street markets. Sunday morning is the time for the El Rastro street market on the Calle de Ribera de Curtidores which is closed to traffic. You can purchase everything from squawking chickens to pirated DVDs to antiques and smutty post cards. But be mindful, pickpockets abound.

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