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Coaching Holidays to France

France has always been a popular location for Brits looking to travel abroad. With easy access from the UK, it's little surprise that we like to nip across the Channel and see what France has to offer.A coaching holiday provides a great way to delve deeper into France and see more of what the country has to offer. Beyond Calais and Brittany, there is much to explore in this vast country.



There are a number of tour operators offering coaching holidays to France and itineraries vary. It's important that you pick out a trip that is just right for you.

For some, no trip to France is complete without a visit to Paris. The capital offers a chic atmosphere, fine restaurants and some of Europe's most famous buildings. With a guided tour, you can find out even more about the history and culture of this place.

As well as being rightly famous for its wine, France is renowned throughout the world for the quality of its wine. If you're interested in finding out more about French wines then consider taking a coach tour that includes a visit to one of the country's many vineyards.

The Loire Valley, the region around Bordeaux and the famed Champagne region of France all offer excellent opportunities to explore the delights of local wines.

The sophistication and climate of the Mediterranean coast remains a favourite with many. Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo all attract visitors, thanks in no small part to their glamour.

Spending time in any of these resorts is a great way to relax and see how the other half live.

Coaching holidays to the south coast of France also often offer the advantage of allowing you to travel over the border into Italy. This means that you can often sample the atmosphere of the Italian lakes or the Italian Riviera as part of your trip.

The south-west corner of France tends to be somewhat neglected by visitors but don't let this put you off hopping on a coach to this beautiful region.

Much of the area close to the border with Spain is relatively unspoiltFind Article, meaning that the scenery is stunning.

There is so much to see and do in France that you really can't go far wrong - it's no surprise that so many of us look towards our French neighbours when planning our holidays.

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