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The most important equipment that can save a life

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Firearms are extremely lethal, which is why effective protection is such an important matter. With the development of firearms, the elements of equipment protecting against bullets from pistols, revolvers and rifles also developed rapidly.

Modern equipment is distinguished by excellent quality and, above all, effectively protects human life. Which of its elements are therefore the most important?

A bulletproof vest – effective protection of vital organs

It might seem that the bulletproof vest is a modern invention, but its prototype was created in 1901, that is over 120 years ago. The bulletproof vest has evolved over the decades as firearms have improved. Over the past decades, this type of vest has been associated with a heavy and bulky armor element, which was characterized by quite good protection, but also restricted movement. Thanks to increasingly more advanced technology, it is now possible to make light, flexible vests that perfectly protect all the most important vital organs located in the abdominal cavity and chest.

A perfect example of this is the bulletproof vest from the renowned American company AceLink. The vest is a perfect combination of reliable quality that ensures maximum security. What's more, thanks to modern and innovative solutions, such as replaceable ballistic plates, the vest, apart from perfect protection, also ensures flexibility. In a combat situation, such unrestricted movements can make a huge difference, which is why AceLink vests are not only effective in stopping bullets of various calibers, but also provide easy movement.

AceLink offers a wide range of bulletproof vests.

Ballistic helmet – what should it have to protect the head well?

Adequate head protection is the basis of any profession in which human life is at risk. The vast majority of bullets hitting the head are fatal, as it results directly from the anatomy of the human body. It is for this reason that a good helmet protecting against bullets is such an important element of protective equipment. It is also worth remembering that a good helmet is relatively light and does not limit the field of view.

The AceLink ballistic helmet is a great example a helmet that is not only durable, but also lightweight. It is also worth emphasizing that this ballistic helmet has professional tactical rails that allow you to mount additional tactical equipment, such as a flashlight, a night vision device and other equipment.

Appropriate tactical equipment, such as a bulletproof vest or a tactical helmet, are able to very effectively protect the most important organs and the head. It is for this reason that AceLink products are popular not only among professional soldiers, but also among uniformed services and military enthusiasts.

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