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Lifts for heavy machinery - use and repair

Maintenance, repairs and inspections of heavy earthmoving machinery, trucks, and buses require special equipment allowing them to be lifted safely. There are many different tools available on the market.

Depending on your needs, you can choose stationary or portable machines (if you need to work outside the repair shop). Many models can be adjusted in terms of the width or size of their elements so that they can work with various types of vehicles. One of the best choices are portable column lifts.


Use and repair of mobile column lifts

The ergonomic shape of adjustable column lifts makes it possible for mechanics to work quickly and efficiently. The lifts have different fork sizes and can be adapted to different vehicle sizes. This tool can also be used outside the workshop, making it a very popular choice on the market. It is worth selecting a manufacturer that offers after-sales services. These include repairing and replacing spare parts for column lifts, as well as installing equipment, training for mechanics who will use them, and maintenance of components. Such after-sales services are a great facilitation and guarantee trouble-free use of the tools.

Floor jacks

Floor jacks are used to install new transmissions or remove existing ones in a vehicle. They are used as an additional tool when operating other lifts (for example, column lifts). Floor jacks are extremely useful due to their mobility, angle adjustment, and the possibility of using them both inside and outside the workshop.


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