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Tricks of the biggest fashion brands you didn't know about

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In the era of ubiquitous competition, psychological tricks seem to be more needed by businesses than ever before.

Supermarkets compete in fancy promotions and loyalty programs, large brands hire expensive specialists to generate more profits, and small entrepreneurs diligently attend courses in this field or feverishly search the industry literature in search of strategies that will help not only survive, but also consolidate their market position. Sales tricks can even be relatively refined and yet effective.

What does the case look like in the fashion industry, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and ruthless niches? Selling fashion effectively is not a simple task. Expenditure on this type of business includes so many expensive elements that the advertising campaign is the last place where any randomness would be possible. The task of good fashion advertising is to capture the attention of the recipient, interest him in the product, create the need to buy it and finalize the entire transaction happily. Because from everywhere we are flooded with new and tempting messages, a truly refined campaign should be strongly memorable or even play on our emotions.

Precious goods have priority

Expensive products from the current collection are always presented in an easily accessible place at the entrance on mannequins so that you can see the items of clothing that will ensure the highest sales for the store. Cheap products or sets are always in the store.

Especially for you

On the mannequin you can see a beautiful dress with a floral pattern, on the shelf there are high-heeled shoes and a leather bag. Everything fits together perfectly. Professional stylists prepare ready sets for their clients, which seem to be perfect for them. This is a two-in-one action: first, stylists motivate their customers to buy expensive goods. Secondly, customers save time - instead of spending hours looking for the right clothes, the products are served on a silver tray. Time is money, right?

In good company

It's not just the interior of the store that counts. Good location also plays a very important role, which is by no means randomly chosen. Well-known network fashion distributors who offer their goods at slightly higher prices, and thus emphasize their somewhat exclusive character, are often found at very expensive elegant boutiques on the most popular shopping streets in large cities. The goal is to emphasize the contrast. A customer who cannot afford a Prada coat immediately offers a cheaper alternative of supposedly the same quality.

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