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The dream of full hair - What really helps against hair loss?

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Over time, the hair becomes thinner and thinner, at the back of the head and at the temples bald patches can already be seen: The typical signs of above-average hair loss.


For those affected, this phenomenon not infrequently represents a great psychological burden, because after all, full hair is considered an important ideal of beauty and a symbol of youth and vitality.

Today, drugstores offer numerous products that promise help for hair loss. But do they really help? The following article explains how hair loss can actually be effectively counteracted.

Remedies for external use in hair loss

Many products on the market to combat hair loss contain minoxidil. This active ingredient is a potassium channel opener. It improves the blood supply to the scalp.

Various scientific studies have already proven that Minoxidil can actually stop hair loss in 80 to 90 percent of users. In 80 percent of cases, hair density even increases again, as new hair grows back. Minoxidil can, however, cause local scalp irritations as a side effect. These then consist of itching, redness and increased dandruff.

Those who have already tried Minoxidil and could not achieve the desired effect with it, should take a closer look at the possibility of Hair Transplant Turkey. The well-trained doctors in Turkey perform hair transplantation with a high level of expertise, but at a lower cost than in Germany. The chances of success with this method against hair loss are very high.

Treatment of hair loss with hormones

In principle, the use of hormones can only combat hair loss if it can also be traced back to a hormonal cause. This is the case, for example, with androgenetic alopecia, i.e. hereditary hair loss.

A common remedy in this case is finasteride, which is taken orally. The active ingredient influences the testosterone balance in the scalp. In around 80 to 90 percent of cases, androgenetic hair loss can actually be stopped in this way. In about half of the applications, hair thickening can also be observed. However, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido can occur as a rare side effect.

Dutasteride has a similar effect to finasteride, but its effect is even stronger. Unfortunately, the side effects are more extensive and more frequent. These also include erectile dysfunction, as well as feminization. For these reasons, there is no official approval for dutasteride in Germany.

The group of antiandrogens includes dienogest, chlormadinone acetate and cyproterone acetate. These are also hormone preparations. Today, however, definitive scientific proof of the efficacy of these active ingredients has yet to be provided.

Trace elements and vitamins for optimized hair growth

There is also little scientific data on the effect of trace elements and vitamins in combating hair loss. However, if the hair loss is diffuse, a deficiency of iron may be the cause.

Diffuse hair loss may also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress should therefore be avoided as far as possible in everyday life. One-sided diets are also not recommended - for healthy hair growth, the diet should be balanced and healthy.

As far as hair washing is concerned, intervals of between five and seven days are perfectly adequate. Too hot water should be avoided when washing. Medications can also bring hair loss as a side effect. Possibly, the relevant preparations can be exchanged for other medicines.


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