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Painting Your Wooden Cabin: 4 Things You Need To Know

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The log cabin is an investment that should last for many years; therefore, we should update the wooden cabin from time to time. One of the easiest and best ways to make your log cabin stand out from the rest is by painting.


Painting changes the appearance of your cabin and protects the wood from external factors such as weather. But setting out to paint your wood cabin is actually more complicated than it first might seem.

In this guide, we’ll discuss things that you need to know about log cabin painting.

Make Preparations for Painting

Check the state of your cabin. If you are going to paint the old wood cabin, remove the former paint and detached paint layers with a scraper. Also, do not forget to scrub the gross surface with sandpaper until it becomes matte.

If you are going to paint a newly built wooden cabin, then impregnate the surface for protection against mold and humidity. It is always better to use colorful material for impregnation for better UV protection.

Last but not least, cover the nails with a metal primer. Moreover, rusty nails should be scrubbed before applying the primer to them.

Choose the Right Paint For Wooden Cabin

There are different types of wooden paint available in the market, but you need to choose the best for your log bespoke cabin.

When you go to the paint store, you will see various finishes, including matt, gloss, eggshell, and silk. Some of these are easy to clean, and others offer a shine that lasts.

Further, some paints are for interior use only, while some are for the exterior. So, when you need to select paint for your log cabin, you must consider the surface on which you will apply paint.

Also, make sure to choose timber paint that will protect the wood cabin from insects and elements.

Check the Weather

Before you start painting the wood cabin, check the weather forecast!

Choose a fine, dry day to paint your cabin and avoid painting on too cold days. If you apply paint on a wet surface, it will blister and flake later.

The wood paint needs ample time to dry after application. And, if you paint during cool weather, then you may need to wait longer to apply maintenance.

So, keep your eyes on the climate to be sure, including both the temperature and wind speed.

Mistakes to Avoid With Log Cabin Painting

Following are the mistakes that should be avoided while painting bespoke cabins:

  • Going Too Dark: If your wood cabin is made of dark-toned timber, avoid applying deep shades throughout the cabin. Choose shades that complement dark wood and open up space as well.
  • Painting on Rotten Wood: The rotten in the wooden cabin needs to be replaced before applying paint. In fact, cover all the imperfections in the walls with the best-suited compound.
  • Not Using Tape: Do not forget to apply tape around window sills, door frames, and other places where clean edges are needed.
  • Using the Wrong Tools: Pay attention to the selection of painting tools when applying paint to a wooden cabin. For some areas, the roller works best, while for other areas paint brush is best to use.

Final Words

Log cabin looks beautiful and attractive when painted well. Hope you have learned everything about wooden cabin painting. So, give your timber cabin a fresh and new look with a paint of your choice.

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