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What are the best web platforms to build an eCommerce

We know that you don't always have the opportunity to put up a large, professional website for your business. The e-commerce platforms come to the rescue, which is a very attractive alternative to putting a large website from scratch. All implementations on the e-commerce platform can be dealt with by a web development agency.


 E-commerce is becoming more and more needed

Recently, there is a clear increase in interest in shopping through online stores, moreover, such purchases are made not using a computer, but via smartphones. Following this trend, the web development agency offers to build an intuitive e-commerce platform. Several such platforms are already available on the market, e.g. WooCommerce and Magento. Below we focus on these two.


To start with - WooCommerce - what is that?

Web development agency often recommends this platform. What is WooCommerce? Well, it is a very functional and quite easy to use plugin that works on websites based on WordPress. It is distinguished by a very clear, functional and easy-to-use interface. Thanks to this, you can handle WooCommerce yourself, e.g. if you do not want to outsource this task to a web development agency.


WooCommerce is constantly being improved

This store management platform has a lot of different functionalities. Thanks to this, every e-commerce store will find solutions that will suit a given type of product and various business needs. It is worth being up to date with new functionalities and adapting them to the needs of your business. WooCommerce is efficient and adapted to run small, medium, but also large online stores.


Magento - for those who have a little more experience in building websites

Magento is a platform that is also very efficient and you can easily rely on it on a large size e-commerce store. There is no denying that Magento is a slightly more complicated platform to use than WooCommerce. If you already have experience in creating websites, you will be able to navigate Magento without any problems. In return, Magento will pay you back by having more options for personalizing your store. 


Both platforms are built as an open-source platform

WooCommerce and Magento, are open-source software, which means that you have free access to their source code. Thanks to this solution you can freely modify and adapt the page to your needs. Besides, if you do not know something, you will quickly find solutions and help on the Internet, because both platforms are constantly developed and expanded by other involved users.


WooCommerce and Magento have free paid plugins extensions

Both platforms also offer free plugins and templates in basic versions that you can easily use. Each platform offers paid extensions, but you only choose the elements that you need, which means that you pay only for what you really use.


Who is WooCommerce and who is Magento and who is a web development agency for?

In summary, if you are still wondering which platform will be right for you, consider the criterion of your level of knowledge in creating websites. If you have not made websites so far and you do not have much idea how to handle more complicated plugins, then you can outsource this work to a web development agency. You can also try to do it yourself based on the simple and intuitive WooCommerce plugin. If you have already created simple websites - try Magento!


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