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How to use WordPress in e-commerce?

WordPress ecommerce WordPress ecommerce

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS platform for creating websites. It is also a great e-commerce platform, thanks to the fact that it has a WooCommerce plugin. How to use WordPress in e-commerce? We encourage you to read our article! Take advantage of the advice we gave there!


WordPress WooCommerce - what is it? What is WordPress WooCommerce? 

You probably already know perfectly well that WordPress is a CMS platform for creating websites. Initially, WordPress was intended for bloggers to publish content. Over time, however, the CMS system has developed so much that others have started to use it - freelancers, interactive agencies, and many different companies.

Recently, WordPress has also become a leader on the e-commerce market. This is possible thanks to the WooCommerce extension. This plugin allows you to transform your website into a full-fledged online store. With its help, we can, among other things: 

  • implement products to the store and define their parameters and add photos; 
  • set prices in different currencies; 
  • implement a shopping cart on the website, and manage sales. While in the free version the WooCommerce capabilities are quite limited, the Premium version allows you to really spread your wings. 

After purchasing additional functionalities, you can promote the e-shop and modify it as needed, online electronic payments and integration with couriers and Social Media are also available.

How to use WordPress in e-commerce? How to use the potential of WordPress e-commerce? 

When we have a website built on WordPress, we can install the WooCommerce plugin. To do this, just go to the Plugins section. After installing WooCommerce, new sections related to the online store will appear on the website. The plugin has extensive documentation that you should refer to learn how to configure it as needed. 

You manage the WordPress store from the administration panel - it is the so-called Dashboard. It is here that various tools such as Orders or Stocks are available. Thanks to them, you can monitor the course of orders on an ongoing basis and analyze stock levels, as well as view the history of completed tasks. An interesting feature available in WooCommerce are sales reports. After purchasing additional tools, the plugin allows you to analyze a dozen or so different variables and plan further actions on this basis. The paid version of WooCommerce is also a customer information panel, thanks to which you can get a lot of data useful for marketing purposes. Thanks to this, you will significantly increase your sales opportunities.

Why is it worth trusting WooCommerce? 

Currently, the WooCommerce plugin is used by up to 1/3 of all online stores. Many European e-business markets value this solution. Why? The key selection criterion is definitely the price. Even after purchasing paid platform functions, it cannot be considered an expensive solution. You will find that you will pay for this investment very quickly. 

What else speaks for creating an online store in WordPress? WooCommerce is often chosen by people who already know the WordPress ecommerce CMS environment very well. Supporters of the platform appreciate not only the ease of use but also the fact that the platform is constantly being developed. For WooCommerce alone, hundreds of extensions have been created since the premiere, significantly increasing the functionality and capabilities of the plugin. If your store lacks some functionality, just check the catalog of available WordPress and WooCommerce plugins - you will definitely find what you are looking for there. 

However, it may happen that in the WordPress directory you will not find a plugin that meets your requirements. Then you can always count on help and support from WordPress experts and professional companies involved in creating websites. Specialists will help you build an e-shop tailored to your needs and one that brings profits.

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