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How to find a reliable groundwork company for your London-based project?

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Finding a reliable contractor is not as easy as it seems - particularly in the construction industry. What to pay attention to when choosing a partner to do the groundwork? Which scope of works can you expect from such a company? Check our guide and find a groundwork contractor worth trusting!


The construction sector is always lacking specialists, as the demand for particular skills is constantly on the rise. The big metropolises suffer shortages of specialized construction workers and professionals with a background in civil engineering. It's easily noticeable in London, where booking a groundwork company is nearly impossible in the highest season. Since it's so difficult to find contractors that are available, many customers decide to risk and hire companies that do not have many reviews or references. 

In some cases, such a decision may actually turn out beneficial. The groundwork companies with a small portfolio often offer occasional prices that can limit your project-related expenses. However, it's crucial to know which aspects to verify when considering launching a collaboration to avoid serious issues. 

How to find a reliable company working in the field of groundwork in London? Here are some tips worth following.

#1 Check their references and reviews

When it comes to a company's reliability, the best is to rely on personal recommendations. However, if you don't know anyone who has cooperated with groundwork contractors in London, scroll through reviews to see the big picture. If there are a lot of them, and none is negative or even neutral, we recommend treating it as a red flag. The most reliable reviews obviously come from the companies or people whose data you can easily verify.

#2 Check the portfolio

The lack of portfolio doesn't mean that the groundwork company is not reliable - any emerging entrepreneurship needs time to build it. Undoubtedly, the quality should be put over the quantity. Few relevant residential or commercial projects with references are much better than a bunch of realizations from different fields.

#3 Verify the equipment

When searching for partners for any groundworks project, it's worth making sure the groundwork contractor has the appropriate equipment at their disposal. Professional groundwork contractors in London should have all the necessary machines to launch work right away. Drilling rigs, pile drivers, construction equipment - the company needs it to be able to do the groundwork, from initial excavations to basement construction and propping.

#4 Ask for quote

Getting work done in time and within budget is the key. However, some of the groundwork companies do not estimate price for the whole service before signing a contract. The contractors who are reliable will always provide you with a quote prior to launching cooperation. 

If you're looking for a groundwork company London, use our tips to verify the contractors' reliability!

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