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How to become a successful investor in 3 years

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Investing is a long and thorny path to making money, especially on the Internet and in the field of entertainment, some think that investing, especially from scratch, is simple, money goes into their own hands and what needs to be done is to take it on time

. But this is not exactly how it happens, not everyone knows the true essence of earning and creating a passive channel for receiving money. In such situations, consultation and cooperation with already established investment groups like JKR investing can become an excellent way to successfully start investing, where team members have managed to become professionals in their field and will help each investor make the right choice of direction and, most importantly, will guarantee prolonged benefits.

How to start earning and investing profitably?

Many rules will help a novice investor start a successful start and lead him to a stable profit during the first 3 years, but three key rules must not be overlooked since ignoring them will lead to a mistake.

1. It is taboo to think about the fear of losing money. 

The probability of losing money is closely related to any earnings, even the most stable (in which the probability of losing money is minimal, but still it is). This risk must be understood and accepted, you should not be shy and afraid of it. 100% of a hundred successful investors came into contact with a negative experience of investing and making money, this is normal and there is nothing wrong with that. Making mistakes, they gain experience, analyze these mistakes, and know how to avoid them in the future. Almost all well-known investors were once on the verge of bankruptcy, but they did not give up and continued to boldly move forward. Having lost today, an investor can get twice as much profit tomorrow as he lost, this must be understood and one must move towards the set goal.

2. It is necessary to set a material goal. 

First of all, everyone who decides to invest needs to detail a personal budget. When calculating the budget, beginners need to take into account all income and expenses per month and choose the optimal and comfortable amount for investment. It is also advisable to plan a monthly plan for investing personal funds.

A lot of time and some additional programs are not necessary to calculate the budget, it is enough to have paper and pens to write everything down and understand what kind of profit the investor should strive for. 

These are one of the basic planning formats, the most simple and straightforward. It is impossible to achieve a real and visible effect without a specific and clear goal and without understanding own resources and capabilities. 

3. Starting investments with small amounts. 

Everything is simple here: to understand how everything works, newbies need a band of samples and mistakes, so the investor should not immediately use a large amount in the hope of instant success. 

How not lose three years' achievement?

Investments are not only for wealthy people, everyone can engage in them, people just need to work on it sincerely and responsibly, analyze, try, test, draw conclusions, try again, collect experience, and all this will help to become richer within a not so long period and will fill life with brighter colors. 

Three years is an ideal period for the investor to be able to learn how to control finances, both personal and invested, as well as this time to determine the direction. Of course, the duration of the path to stable profit can be different, because it all depends on luck, knowledge, and experience.

The main rule of investing after a certain level has been reached is not to get hung up in one direction and turn off gambling.

It is also very important to explore new directions. New knowledge will help both to improve the current position of the invested funds and will be an impetus for working with new projects.

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