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Monday, 16 December 2019 12:19

Rope slings – what you need to know

Rope slings Rope slings

Wire rope slings are an excellent solution in many transport situations, requiring moving or only lifting loads of various parameters. A number of models is available on the market, suitable for different types of transport jobs. Rope slings are very popular due to their numerous advantages, including attractive price.


Rope slings – application

Rope slings are commonly used in various industries, including construction. The most popular are so-called one-leg slings, although two-leg, three-leg and four-leg slings also come in handy. All of these types are made of flexible steel rope, which effectively cope with moving heavy loads. Rope slings consist of at least one tie rod with various types of endings. Slings are intended for lifting, tying and supporting heavy loads. Due to their robust construction, the rope slings are extremely resistant to heavy weight even in severe conditions.

Rope slings – selection

There are several factors to consider when choosing rope slings. First of these factors is the weight of the load to be transported – it determines the type and strength of the steel rope used in the construction of rope slings. The weight of the load can be found in technical documentation attached to it or ultimately calculated on the basis of all information available, e.g. what material it is made of. Do not lift the load without knowing its weight, exact or approximate. Another factor is the number and arrangement of load suspension points, i.e. spots where hooks that end the rope slings can be attached. Depending on their quantity, the number and length of slings as well as the type of endings should be chosen.

Rope slings in the Mipromet offer

At the Mipromet store, quality rope slings made of galvanized high-strength steel ropes come in different varieties and may have their length adjusted to individual needs of the client. You can choose between the simplest "ties" and multi-leg constructions. The company also offers various types of tie rods. Forged and encapsulated versions are available, as well as crimped or braided. All Mipromet products comply with European standards and provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/WE, thanks to which they guarantee safety and reliability of use even in the most extreme conditions.

Steel slings most commonly used in industry are rope slings. Mainly thanks to the attractive price they have found wide application. In our offer you will find them in many different varieties, both the simplest "ties" and multi-leg constructions. We manufacture crimped and braided products.