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Friday, 30 July 2021 13:21

Payeer Available Countries

Payeerâs features Payeerâs features

In recent years, with the progress and improvements in the sphere of technology and electronics, the global community has started to require new types of services that will be able to cover all new possibilities.

In this regard, currently we can see so many platforms around the world that are trying to provide users with the new services especially in the field of finance and banking. In this short article, we want to write about one of the most successful online platforms that is offering services in regard to cryptocurrencies and making life easier for online users around the world. We will know about Payeerâs features, security and availability. 

Payeer & Its Features 

As mentioned above, payeer is an online platform that provides users services in regard to cryptocurrencies and to easily use this new currency. This platform is designed in multi currency format and users will be able to deposit, buy, sell and withdraw cryptocurrencies via this online platform. Should be noted that currently payeer is supporting 7 different cryptocurrencies that the main ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and etc. It is worthy to mention that payeer is also supporting withdrawal and deposit of fiat currencies, trade of fiat-fiat and crypto-fiat. It is necessary to know that the fiat currencies that are currently supported are Euro, Ruble and USD. From the important features of this online platform we need to mention its customer service that is available for users 24 hours, mobile app that is easy to use and available for both Android and iOs users, fast registration process and low fees and commissions. Should be said that Payeer currently supports english and russian languages. 

Payeer Availability & Security

One of the most significant points for users around the world is about the availability of this online platform around the world. Here it should be noted that with the special mobile app of Payeer, customers will be able anytime and from anywhere to have access to all mentioned services and possibilities. However, in regard to the availability of this platform in different countries, we need to take your attention to the official information in the website of Payeer; currently this platform is covered and available in more than 177 countries around the world. Countries like Denmark, UK, USA, Russia, Spain, France, Nigeria are in this list. About the security of this platform it is worthy to mention that payeer is supporting 2-factor authentication and also VFSC and MEAC regulated this platform and support it. 


Definitely, with the daily improvements in technology and electronic world, it is hard for online platforms to cover everything; however we believe the online platforms like Payeer that is providing users with special services and also are available in so many countries around the world, are worthy to play huge role in the current and future life of people.