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Saturday, 02 October 2021 17:50

Tactical vest – the perfect protection against bullets

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Firearms and all kinds of armor have been in a fierce race for hundreds of years. Weapon manufacturers are trying to ensure that rounds fired can penetrate any type of armor, while armor manufacturers want them to effectively stop the fired bullets.

In this race, one is always a step ahead of the other, but today the advantage has increased significantly. Modern tactical vests not only stop bullets, but also have many other advantages. Why are tactical vests so popular today?

A vest that does not restrict movement during combat

The dilemma of reduced mobility in combat due to the thickness and massiveness of armor has existed for hundreds of years. Until recently, the rule was that the heavier and more massive the armor, the better it is able to protect against projectiles. This principle could be clearly seen in bulletproof vests – although this armor has undergone a significant evolution over the last 100 years, its movement limitation strongly influenced its effectiveness in combat.

Everything changed when tactical vests appeared on the market. These vests are light and efficient during combat. The main reason why tactical vests give so much freedom of movement is their unique design. In a tactical vest, projectiles are stopped by armor plates, which may have a different degree of protection. The lighter the cartridges, the weaker their protection, however, we are talking about the caliber of the bullet, and not about stopping rounds. Tactical vests are a type of universal armor that can be modified and personalized in any way. Thanks to tactical vests, it is possible to adjust the armor to your own needs – the vest can be equipped with a pouch with additional magazines for a pistol or rifle, or with a spacious backpack that will be able to accommodate specialized equipment.

Acelink – tactical vest plates of the highest quality

Acelink is a producer of interchangeable plates for tactical vests. These inserts have different degrees of protection. Level I is able to stop bullets from guns, and level III plates can stop bullets from rifles. What's more, each insert can also be purchased in a shape that gives even greater mobility, however, in relation to a slightly reduced surface.

Tactical vests equipped with Acelink plates are armor that is able to effectively protect during combat, while minimizing movement. Anyone who uses a weapon knows how important mobility and freedom of movement are during combat. In the case of tactical vests equipped with Acelink inserts, mobility during combat is at the maximum level. This is why the Acelink plates are used by professionals such as soldiers, members of paramilitary groups, policemen, but also amateurs of firearms. Safety is crucial, which is why tactical vest plates are such an important and necessary product.