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Monday, 09 November 2020 17:19

Tactical vest – maximum protection and functionality

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The bulletproof vest was invented almost 120 years ago, but it is still one of the best ways to protect yourself from being shot. The vest has evolved significantly over the past century and today's plate carriers combine maximum protection and functionality. In this article, we will describe the importance of the back panel of a tactical vest. What distinguishes such a back panel?


Functionality – the basis of a tactical vest

As the name suggests, a tactical vest is designed not only to protect its owner, but also to give him a tactical advantage. Therefore, today's tactical vests, such as SKELETAC from Ace Link, not only protect their owner, but also provide many tactical possibilities, due to the robust structure of the vest, which can be customized by the user. Thanks to this, the vest can be equipped with exactly the equipment you want – additional magazines, pouches, and pockets. It is extremely important for all those who use such a vest professionally, i.e. soldiers, policemen, security guards, and patrol escorts. Today, tactical vests protect the health and life of their owner, but also ensure a decisive tactical advantage. Therefore, tactical vests are an extremely popular choice among all uniformed services. Their lightness, resistance and the possibility of any combination when it comes to additional equipment means that they are bought not only by professionals, but also by all hobbyists and military enthusiasts.

Why is the back panel of a tactical vest so important?

The right amount of equipment can be critical in a life or death situation. Sometimes one more magazine makes the situation change dramatically, which is why the creators of modern tactical vests provide the possibility to freely customize such a vest. The Ace Link plate carrier back panel is an excellent example of maximum functionality, because this panel allows to add any number of pockets and pouches with additional magazines for a rifle or pistol to the vest. What's more, the Ace Linkback panel has laser-cut MOLLE attachment points, so you can mount a gas mask or additional pockets. Moreover, the back panel is compatible with the Ace Link Skeletac Backpack, so the vest can contain even the most necessary equipment. The specialized design of the Ace Link tactical vest protects against rounds. It is also light, and thanks to the back panel it is possible to precisely adapt it to a specific person.

The back panel for the Ace Link tactical vest is an excellent example that functionality can go hand in hand with maximum protection and lightness. Moreover, the very attractive price of such a professional panel makes it a sure bestseller.