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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 14:14

Protective gloves – an effective way to protect yourself against viruses

Protective gloves have become commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, and seeing people wearing them in public places is no longer surprising.

These types of gloves have been known in the medical world for at least 100 years because they provide effective protection against viruses and bacteria. Wearing protective gloves is recommended not only in hospitals and clinics, as the pandemic has shown how quickly dangerous viruses and pathogens spread. How do protective gloves shield against viruses and when did they become widely used?

Modern medicine is can achieve wonders and we are now able to save millions of lives. However, this was not always the case, as health care has developed over thousands of years. The Greek scientist Hippocrates is regarded to have laid the foundations for modern medicine. Since then, i.e. 4-5 centuries B.C., people have been collecting information about human health. Over the next centuries, medicine developed systematically, but few are aware of how long people did not wash their hands before treatments or use hand gloves. It was not until the mid-19th century that the reduced number of deaths in childbirth began to be associated with washing the midwife's hands before surgery. When this correlation was discovered, hand washing before any treatment became a standard procedure, and in later years, protective gloves began to be used.

What are protective gloves used for?

Protective gloves are used for protecting yourself and others against dangerous pathogens, viruses, germs and bacteria that are constantly present in our environment. It turns out that many diseases are initiated by the transmission of bacteria or viruses by the hands. Rubbing the eyes or touching the mouth with a hand with such bacteria on it can lead to an infection because the pathogens easily enter the mucosa, from where they begin to quickly spread throughout the body. That is why it is so important to wear protective gloves, both in medical facilities, such as hospitals or clinics, and in public places, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the best place to buy good quality protective gloves?

protective gloves

protective gloves

Hand gloves should be of high quality as it is important that they do not break when worn. Such a situation may expose you to infection, as well as any bystanders, therefore the durability and strength of such gloves is extremely important. Protective gloves are usually sold in large packages. However, it is important to remember that hand gloves are not only for medical purposed. There are many different types of protective gloves that are used in gardening, wood industry, etc.

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