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Friday, 30 June 2017 09:32

Interesting ways to improve your healt

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You are not feeling well. This thought has been coming back like a boomerang for too long now. Every now and then women feel low in energy, worried and tired. It's often due to hormones imbalances, nature of their menstrual cycle or an unhealthy diet.

Not getting enough physical activity may as well contribute to that feeling of powerlessness. Single moms or women who just recently became mothers are in the group especially prone to this kind of mood swings, energy drops, and fatigue. If you are looking for interesting ways to improve your health and spend more time with your little ones...take you kids for a bike ride!


You think you will not manage to safely get back home without bruises and broken legs? Well, here is the solution - you can use specifically designed cargo bikes or bike trailers to ensure your kid safely sits in the front of your bike or just behind you. Depends on the type of a trailer you and your child would prefer.     You may use a trailer if you are not overly concerned about the ideas that may come to your kid's mind when sitting in the trailer in the back alone or with his or her siblings. Though, many parents fear to lose sight of their children on the trip like this. Well, I can surely understand that :)      Cycling paradise like Denmark or Holland, Germany or Spain has already been filled with these useful inventions. There, parents seem to have a natural need to commute with their kids on bikes and look for different ways to meet that need.


When people invented a bike, the obvious consequence was that they wanted to carry as much as they can on the bikes to move, travel or trade. That’s how cargo bikes became popular. It wasn’t long until one realized it can be applied to people transport as well.   Do you think it’s difficult to ride? Well, you might have a point there, though only until you get used to this bike. Just take a few quick rides without your little ones and you get familiar with it. The box on the front is somewhat heavy and can influence steering a lot. It’s definitely similar to riding a regular bike, though just a bit more difficult to turn and steer.   



You can try searching online stores, online marketplaces or just go to a local handyman and share your idea. Maybe you can get yourself a custom cargo bike:) What about your kid though? Will this type of transport be suitable? Until your little cannot ride a bike it’s a great and safe equivalent. The best thing about it is that it keeps you fit, while you are still spending time with your family instead of wandering about in a fitness club:)