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Get involved in the adventure escape game in Vienna

Escape Games Escape Games

Enough written or read - now actions should follow. If you are curious, don't wait any longer and try your escape game in Vienna.

We promise you that this leisure activity will be remembered for a long time - it can even be a little “addicting”. Escape games are even played as a hobby or in competitions. People travel around the world to try them out because they got the “escape room fever”. It doesn't matter whether you are playing for the first time or not. It will be worthwhile and a lot of fun!

Escape Room - what is it all about?

You are a big fan of puzzles, riddles or tricky online games that need a bit of thinking around the corner? Have you ever thought of having this great feeling of accomplishing the mental task, but instead of sitting on your own couch at home, being in an immersive environment that really makes you feel like you are part of an exciting, strange world? Then an Escape Room Game is exactly what you need! After entering the room, you have 60 minutes to leave it again. But trust me- this won’t be easy! To do so, you have to solve all riddles included in the room. Some games are structured linearly, others are not. That means that you might be able to solve multiple riddles at the same time, leading you to the finish line in the end. Nevertheless, teamwork really makes the dream work in an Escape Room. Most are made for two up to five players, but it is very likely that you will not be able to solve the puzzles on your own, so make sure to communicate well with your team mate(s). And most importantly, have fun!

What awaits you in the room? 

All Escape Room Games have a specific theme, and you will likely be surprised how much they will make you feel like you really are in the specific situation. Listen closely to the introduction the Gamemaster gives you, it will provide you with the basic story line and every information you need to have a successful game! As soon as you are inside, enjoy and let the room guide you: Most rooms will show you through light or sound effects or logical order, which riddles are meant to do when. After each one you solve, you will get a missing part for the next one. And in the end, the most rewarding feeling will be the door that opens after you solved all of them successfully! But don’t worry. While you are playing, your gamemaster will pay close attention to what you are doing and be ready to help you out in case you get stuck. Hints are not a shame, but a totally normal part of the experience.

For whom?

Escape Games are a great way to step out of everyday life into a completely new world for basically every age and interest. As long as you are over 14 years old (this is the official age requirement for players who come alone), or over 10 years (this is our recommendation for players in groups with older members), there is nothing that could hold you back. No background knowledge required, you will find everything you need in the room!

Puzzles in escape room 

The majority of puzzles you can find in Escape Rooms are logical ones. As mentioned above, background knowledge is never needed, and if so, your Gamemaster will make sure that you have it. Some puzzles are manual, and maybe you will even need to climb up, duck down or have a bit of feeling for precision- you will definitely not get bored! In the first years of the Escape Room scene, a lot of the riddles were based on manual locks and simple mechanisms. Lots has changed since then, things got more and more sophisticated and technical, and a good escape room will give you a feeling of total immersion- and maybe even a bit of magic.

If you are looking for an experience that is very similar, but do not have the financial means or any Escape Rooms close to where you live, you can always consider a DIY escape room! It can be great for larger groups, children, educational purposes or simply a great way to surprise your friends and family! For ideas and inspiration, have a look at this Escape Room Puzzle Ideas list.

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