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Monday, 01 March 2021 09:14

Educational toys for two-year-olds - which ones are worth choosing

Educational toys for 2 year olds - BananaPanda Educational toys for 2 year olds - BananaPanda

Educational toys for children are a broad category in which a wide variety of products can be found. Parents looking for developing gifts for their children often wonder what toys will be most appropriate.

Toddlers at every stage of development face new challenges and the need to master new skills. What toys will be a good idea for two-year-olds?

Toys developing manual skills

Among toys for the youngest there is a very rich offer of educational puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles adjusted to the age and skills of kids turn out to be a great exercise. The first ones are dedicated to children at the age of 18 months. You can find here mainly sets of wooden puzzles. You have to match elements of appropriate shapes to the plates with gaps. Very often such toys are equipped with handles adjusted to the hands of toddlers. This allows for motor skill development. The pictures presented on the surface of the puzzles are very often friendly animals that live in a specific area. You may come across illustrations depicting creatures from a farm, ocean or forest. Jigsaw puzzles depicting a single character are also sure to appeal to the youngest. Unique designs and friendly colors will encourage your child to play and make the puzzles a great entertainment. With such an activity, your child will also practice logical thinking, deduction and building skills.

Puzzles for children - the most interesting ideas

Increasingly popular include progressive puzzles. Sets in this category contain several puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. The pictures in the set are usually thematically related. These may be successive groups of animals on a farm or a collection of vehicles seen every day. Example sets for 2-year-olds may include pictures consisting of 4, 5, 6 and 7 elements. Thanks to the fact that each subsequent puzzle is a bit more difficult than the previous one, your child will surely be motivated to face the challenges. Sets for children of this age usually consist of extremely large pieces. They are not dangerous and it is difficult to lose them. At the same time, interesting, colorful illustrations that cover a large area will be especially attractive for two-year-olds. See Educational toys for 2 year olds - BananaPanda.

Sensory puzzles also belong to extremely interesting proposals of puzzles for the youngest. The friendly pictures are equipped with additional layers of materials of different texture. The possibility of combining the pictures with empirical impressions allows children to learn about the world on many levels. This also influences the development of the sense of touch.

Good gift ideas for children

When looking for appropriate educational toys for two-year-olds, it is worth choosing accessories that develop manual skills and logical thinking. Apart from jigsaw puzzles, safe plastic masses and construction sets are good ideas. For toddlers at this age it is also worth to offer the first role-play sets. Properly matched gifts will allow your child to develop through play.