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Friday, 01 September 2017 14:42

Why Data Management Platforms are so useful

New solutions to facilitate the work of managers regularly appear on the market. One of the most rapidly expanding sectors are tools for digital marketers. Such solutions include Data Management Platforms (DMP). What are they and why should you use them?


What is a Data Management Platform?

A Data Management Platform is a software tool for digital advertising specialists. It is used to manage data with the aim to optimise the preparation of your advertising campaign and to facilitate its implementation.

Such a platform is also a database integrated with a special tool which enables the preparation of a target audience that will potentially be interested in the product presented in the advertising campaign. This increases the chances that the person the ad reaches will buy the item. Upon completion of the advertising campaign, the Data Management Platform allows for a detailed analysis of the undertaken marketing activities. This enables to determine which of them had the most significant impact, and who from the target audience (age, sex, interests, or place of residence) was most active during the campaign. Such analyses allow for better adaptation of subsequent campaigns to market requirements.

The Data Management Platform also collects information about potential customers. It includes cookies and other data collected by the web browser provided that the user has given his consent.

Top-of-the-line Data Management Platforms also have built-in specialised tools to help you run your Internet marketing campaign.

Such platforms are usually used by the staff of marketing and advertising agencies which have many clients. However, similar tools are increasingly often being used by smaller entrepreneurs who wish to prepare their own advertising campaigns. You can find out more about data management platforms and how they work at