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Saturday, 16 July 2016 18:16

Outsourcing Jobs

Do you want to outsource a job? It’s great to have your everyday employees, but there are three main reasons why outsourcing a job might work even better for you. Save time: The reason you have employees in the first place is to save time. After all, there’s no way you could do all the work yourself!

When you hire, you elevate your value as a business owner, because you can shift your focus to the most important needs of your business.

On the other hand, when you outsource a job to a Virtual Assistant, your value skyrockets. That’s because you don’t have to deal with the complications you have in hiring employees. You don’t have the obligations toward an independent contractor as you’d have with an employee. And you don’t have to think of work to keep the Virtual Assistant busy when there’s nothing to do.


Save money: Outsourcing a job to to a Virtual Assistant doesn’t require you to provide office space, extensive training, contributions to certain taxes and entitlements, or a high salary. Virtual Assistants from the Philippines are especially helpful in that they speak excellent English and their cost of living is very low compared to Americans, so they are happy with a fraction of the pay. They also tend to be well educated in their area of expertise.

Peace of mind: when you’re outsourcing a job, you want to know the work’s getting done and the person is happy to do it. When your VA is excited to be working for you, he or she will deliver the best possible quality and put heart and soul into the job.

What kind of job are you trying to outsource? There are Virtual Assistants who are versed in many skills, but you might need more than one VA, because your needs might be very diverse. That’s where an agency like NAVA (Need a VA) can come in very handy.


NAVA has been outsourcing jobs for several years, but its history goes back even further. Ten years ago, founder Jenny Jordan was trying to hire a VA and was running into all kinds of problems: inbox flooded with job apps, Virtual Assistants who didn’t show up, and one who literally disappeared in the middle of a workload crunch, and never mentioned to Jenny that she was quitting.


Jenny has since spent years learning what it takes to truly outsource a job effectively, and is now fulfilling her dream of making it easier for business owners everywhere to benefit from skilled, ethical, well-trained, and coachable VA’s.


She’s built a solid team of experts in Social Media, article writing, telemarketing, live chat and support, email support video editing, graphic design, web development, blogs, data mining, researchBusiness Management Articles, and more. Check out Need a VA (NAVA) here: NeedaVA.